Houston, texas, coil tubing Units, Available for sale

We Specialize in designing and building Coiled Tubing Units for use throughout the world. Various configurations are available for all products depending on the end users operating needs.

With all of Krawford CTU configurations, the operator is assured that only reliable hardware components are used within the Coil Tubing Unit, Krawford uses Detroit Diesel, Allison, OFM, FMC, and Rexroth or Sauer Hydraulics.
Our facilities engineer and manufacture using the highest quality standards by the use of API Q1 AND iso processes.

Krawford_Skid_Coil_tubing_Units_Houston, texas

If you have questions or would like to request more information about anything of our products or services, please feel free to contact us.


  • Well site abandonments ranging from 4½” – 7″ casings.
  • Pipeline clean-outs.
  • Pulling bridge plugs.
  • Spotting acids and solvents.
  • Hot oiling.
  • Casing scrapers.
  • Clean-outs with air or nitrogen.
  • Casing and tubing wire brushes.
  • Down-hole mud motors.
  • Hanging siphon strings.

CTU Features

  • Truck, Trailer or Skid Mounted
  • Fit-for-purpose Coil Tubing Units
  • Various diesel engine configurations
  • CE Conformity (optional)
  • Emergency shutdown (ESTOP) on all Units
  • Various trailer and truck configurations with stage out and down riggers
  • Various tube sizes
  • Various control cabin configurations and sizes
  • Hydraulic or diesel
  • Hydraulic system With Hydraulic heat exchanger
  • Injector drive system with closed loop hydraulic pump
  • Auxiliary system with loop pump and manual pump for back-up
  • Hydraulic power pack either an integral or a stand alone unit
  • Reel drive is equipped with a spring apply / pressure release brake to ensure that the reel doesn’t move on its own
  • Reels with joint e-line connection and / or standard pumping swivel.
  • Various stripper / packers
  • Various BOP configurations
  • Various injectors
  • Various capacity reels
  • Quick core change-out reel systems
  • Semi-automatic level wind with over ride
  • Control console includes a combination of pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical devices
  • Customer’s choice of Data Acquisition System with operational parameters are measured and recorded