Skid Mounted Twin Pumper Cementing Unit


Cementing Units;

Krawford Cementing Units have been developed using years of experience in cementing equipment design and supplying, customer input, and the industry’s latest technologies. The units can serve a wide array of operations including slurry mixing, cementing, clean-out, cutting re-injection, displacement and light fracturing operations.

We supply Cementing units that are built trailer or skid-mounted according to customer specifications for onshore or offshore use.

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 Multi Purpose Pumping Units | Technical Specs 

– Pump: Triplex pump, 3 ½” plunger, 600 HP
– Engine: Diesel engine 430 kW / 2100 rpm
– Transmission: Allison 6000 serie
– Heater: 3.400.00 Btu/h / 997 kW
– Tank: 6000 Liter fluid holding tank
– Truck: Heavy Duty Chassis Truck,


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