Midland, TX

Equipment Refurbishment

Krawford Inc. 5515 South County Rd 1226 | Midland TX | 79701

Krawford Inc’s refurbishing practices have been fine-tuned to deliver quality, customer satisfaction and results. We provide refurbishment services for multiple types of equipment including but not limited to: Coiled Tubing , Nitrogen, Cement Fluid Pumping units. No matter the extent of the job—whether it’s a minimal functionality refurb or a “zero hour” refurb—we are committed to our core value of customer satisfaction through exceptional work.

If your current equipment is in need of refurbishment, you can rely on Grizzly to get it right the first time to allow you to get back on track with peak performance.

  • Tier 1

Fluid end inspection/repair
Full PM & Clean all tanks
Full test line – verify hp & pressures Re-certification of iron (if necessary) Brakes, airline, & tire inspection Inspect trailer lighting, repair as needed

  • Tier 2

Tier 1 +
Radiator inspection/clean
Engine overhead to be performed.

  • Tier 3

Engine swing
Transmission swing
Inspect power end, swing (if necessary) Hydraulic component restoration Radiator inspection/clean
Bolt Kit
Optional cables

  • Tier 4

All components repaired or replaced
Frame blast and paint
All components blast and paint
All axle components get rebuilt
Replace brakes/airlines, full DOT inspection Full trailer electrical replaced
Conversion of all lights to LED